While watching one of my much loved reality shows during the week (Married at First Sight), one of the conversations by one of the most hated men on our televisions at the moment got me to thinking.

The said discussion took place at a family dinner and he (Anthony), mentioned his “wife” Nadia had insecurities about him not “choosing” her. For the few of you that don’t watch, the relationship experts choose the potential love interests of the participants.

I actually really resonated with this point he made. There is nothing better than being chosen. Chosen by the person you love, chosen by friends and loved ones, chosen for you – the amazing and fabulous person you are.

To be chosen by someone you also chose is the dream, your most wanted end goal. To feel secure.

Feelings are scary things. It takes a person really secure in themselves to open themselves up completely to another person. I find many men (and women) aren’t sure of how to communicate their feelings, or aren’t willing to jump into a deeper level of emotion because of fear.

Ultimately fear can be an enabler to your success or failure in life or love. We need to be a little bit scared but also take a chance. So many facets of our fears create our inner insecurities. Imagine not having the control to pick your life partner.

Forever questions of do they find me attractive? Do they enjoy my company? Do they love or even like me? It would be deafening in your head. Waking next to a stranger and hoping tomorrow will be enjoyable and not awkward. Hoping to discover some joint interests and common ground.

It’s so empowering to have the gift of choice, sometimes way too many that the decision processes in so many aspects of our lives are endless. But to be chosen by someone is so special.

So many cultures do not have this luxury. They are often sold to a husband, handpicked by their parents or elders. They don’t have the opportunities to be selected by their special someone. As much as prearranged marriages are at times successful- these people (male and female) miss out on the excitement of being chosen by their soul mate.

Knowing that someone has picked you out of the many potential suitors to call their own forever, is an incredible thing. They have done this, no need for doubts and questions, no one else to blame, they chose you, all by themselves.

The excitement, elation, love and security within your relationship is set on a beautiful foundation of mutual

The gift of choice is an amazing luxury we have. We should be focusing on how honoured we are to be chosen by these great people- out of everyone they chose you.

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Husband Requirements PART 2

I want a real man. 

Is that even a thing these days?? 

I feel like people in general are of a shallow nature, showcasing their outer physical attributes rather than their deeper real self. 

There seems to be an abundance of men that look like they are characters in a cartoon. Gym selfies and mountaintop pics is every second profile pic. (They may be the perfect man, but I overlook these images) Is this really portraying who you are? As much as physical attraction is very important, the photos placed in these profiles can be the portrayed in a different sense. I look at some, and they are gorgeous men, clearly very dedicated to perfecting their bodies, pictures of pure fitness (and very nice eye candy), but they make me uneasy. I automatically feel every spare moment of theirs will be filled with bettering their bodies and nothing outside of that. 

Then, there’s the drunken group shots. Bottles of beer, spirits and the like, 5 or 6 men pulling faces, having a great time but it’s not really portraying a man that wants grown up lifestyle. Have fun, always, but these to me are pics for your friends, not ones to find a potential love interest. 

There are beautiful shots of men with family, their muchloved pets, and uninhibited, unexpected snapshots of them living their real lives. Sitting at a desk, mowing the lawn, playing with children, relaxing at the beach. These are the pictures I want to see. When someone’s eyes are lit up talking to a loved one and has a random, unposed photo taken it shows more about them as a person. I think it’s beautiful.

I want deep. A man that fills his profile with words. Explanations of what makes their blood run hot or cold, what are your passions, your goals, your dreams and relationship expectations?

I want someone who is completely transparent, and honest. Someone whom is not still discovering himself. Someone who knows how to treat people right, but is strong enough not to be walked over. 

Strength in themselves, standing by their choices and decisions, not needing another person to make them whole, but wanting someone to take this life journey along side them.

Someone that respects family and a family lifestyle above their own selfishness and wants. 

Someone that is passionate about me and life. 

Someone that’s not afraid to feel and feel deeply, intensely and passionately.

Someone that knows how to make their dreams reality- not just talk about them.

Someone generous with their time and knows how to make a relationship a priority.

Someone that is ready to have joint goals. Who is there to build up their partner, and who is wanting a partner to also help them achieve their dreams. Together you can conquer so much. 

It’s going to take someone really special to alter my single status.