Update – the plot thickens about the note leaving Josh 

So everyone’s wanting an update on my windscreen Valentine’s letter.
The plot has thickened…
People, the search for the man of my dreams is not over. Upon messaging this man over the last 48ish hours, his messages have gone from sweet and endearing to a little bit weird and creepy. Although it was an exciting moment, nothing is going to eventuate from this with him. I’m actually concerned of his intentions completely.
Imagine my surprise this morning when I find out Its not as romantic as I first thought. My stomachs butterflies and excitement was wasted on whom I thought was Prince Charming . Jilted, again.

Clearly Josh has a type. He is apparently a serial note leaver.

I think being blonde haired and blue eyed and being at the particular servo I stopped at just meant I fitted his “breathtaking” criteria.
 My story has been sent all over the world at the moment. And it has been brought to my attention that this isn’t the first time Josh has done this.
I am being sent the same note from people (exact). I’m finding it quite amusing that what I thought was such a sweet gesture is actually a regular occurrence for him. So I wasn’t that special to him after all – just one of many. He also even left it for a beautifully pregnant blondie at the same location. (I’m glad he doesn’t discriminate lol)
Thanks for making me smile for a day Josh, although maybe you’ll need a different location to drop off your notes now. Lovely and sweet gesture, but maybe exciting people in this way isn’t the way to go unless you are legitimately looking for someone with my intentions.

I am glad I’ve entertained all my friends though lol 

Keep posted….

My quest continues…


18 thoughts on “Update – the plot thickens about the note leaving Josh 

  1. I feel like this storay esculate given enough traction, there could be many woman that have this note left on their window screen ! The story needs to change focus from making him look like a romantic guy to a creepy sick serial liar.

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  2. Yes any update ! I feel a little disappointed that this sad loser was not publicly named and shamed! He had a girlfriend, he probably has a wife as well that has no clue ! Who else got the note ?

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  3. Oh no!
    Hang on a minute there Ladies.
    Whilst I agree that is the natural reaction I have to say, having a legal background equips me to advise that course of action opens people up in regards to defamation laws etc etc especially not knowing all the facts or all sides of this.
    I’m in no way condoning what occurred, just being mindful of the law etc

    But I am curious as to how many others say they have notes and in what regions, this is intriguing and just like prime time to lately but much better than having to sit through ads on telly

    Do tell !!

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    • Hi Allison,
      Honestly I would love to name and shame this predator. I have had many contact me with copies of their letters from this man now. He is ruthless. He poor beautiful girlfriend and I have spoken several times and believe there may be other “girlfriends” plus whoever he picks up along the way.
      I’m concerned of what his next victim will endure.


      • Hi littlemiss
        My advice would be, to consider before doing that, especially in this current climate of defamatory laws, cyber bullying etc
        It’s a tricky one.
        I’m also mindful of the old adage of two sides to each story and experience tells me that those two sides are often polar opposite.
        I appreciate that often ego and emotion drive us to act or to form opinions and that is human nature, it seems this is the case in this “drama” so I guess that’s why we have the law.
        Oh lord listen to me, still sounding like a legal nerd, long after business hours.

        That aside, i hope all parties concerned find whatever is most valuable to them.
        I suspect we won’t be seeing any more “gestures” from the author, but I question why can’t we all go back to the traditional ways of finding love like our grandparents of years past?

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      • As much as I’d like to expose him, I won’t. I am lucky I wasn’t emotionally attached like his lovely girlfriend. What I thought was a sweet gesture, wasn’t- but that’s on him, not me.
        It would be wonderful to go back in time like our ancestors. Sadly people of integrity are hard to find these days


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