Me, myself and I 

I’m of a unique breed. I am wired differently to most. I feel everything to the extreme. Sadness to the deepest of depths. Joy to the highest of highs. And love… well love creates an absolute ridiculous intensity in me, words cannot even begin to portray. Love almost makes my life come to a complete halt. Everything, except it is put on hold. I love, love. My passion for this person flows so fiercely that I feel my heart is going to explode. I’m a dreamer, yet a realist, strength comes from my deep emotions. I have tears that flow for reasons no one would understand. I feel not only my own inner fears, but that of others, and I’m always on. It’s exhausting, yet exciting. The highs and lows in my life, and everyone’s around me create a whirlwind of never-ending energies that are hard to comprehend, yet they also settle me. I’ve never known a life that’s not complex. Every decision I make is based around emotion. Right, or wrong this is my search for my Bliss.

My blog is going to be made up of many facets of my life. Everything that has made me the way I am. Falling pregnant at 19, losing a brother, raising my daughter on my own, caring for an ill mother and trying to find my knight in shining armour and the many disasters along my life path.


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