Fantasy and realities of uniformed men 

The image of a uniformed man, is enough to make most women weak in the knees. The ultimate fantasy.Whether it is the powerful hero saving you as the damsel in distress fantasy, the uniform (or removing it) fantasy, or just the fact he must be damn amazing to protect the country, communities and us fantasy, the reality is, it is super sexy.

Are you cut out to actually be with one though?
Dating a man in uniform is a huge honour and responsibility.

It takes an incredibly strong and self aware person to take on this rewarding, yet hard role.
Be it military, police, firies or any other emergency response team, as exciting, sexy, intense and adventurous it may be, it comes with an element of fear. Fear for their partner, fear for their lives, fear from their families and fear for their country.
These sexy heroes see things, do things and feel things we in the normal world can not even begin comprehend. They have their secrets that they keep close so they do not scare or hurt the ones they hold so dear. Can you understand the silences and inner pain he may be holding on to- to save you from worry.
They work long, crazy days, shifts or are often away for days, weeks or months at a time. You will never be far from his thoughts. They need to know their loved ones feel secure when they leave. It is just as heartbreaking for them to go to work at times and leave their precious partner behind. Are you able to provide him with the love and trust needed to keep his mind on his very important job, so he knows you are happy?
They may feel lost and alone, and struggle to cope with the horrible daily truths of their job, but they will love you all the more for supporting and loving them. They feel bad they cannot always be there for you- another stress for them, and yet when they are, your man will not disappoint.
Dating/marrying a man in uniform means being with a man of loyalty. If a man can put his life on the line for his country, imagine what he will do for you.



I have been single on and off for 10 years. I’ve dated, I’ve had small relationships, I’ve been madly, deeply in love. I’ve been shattered and painfully heartbroken. I’ve been lied to, cheated on, beaten up on and taken for a ride many times.
There’s been Tinder, POF, Eharmony and plenty of other time wasting sites. I’ve tried bars, libraries, cafes, parties and weddings.

After many a blind date, kiss or message, the never-ending search for my knight in shining armour continues..

It’s getting desperate, time is running out. Family have given up on my wedding, friends always have me as the third wheel to date night, The body-clock is ticking and I am considering purchasing bulk cats now (lord, help me)

I am almost convinced that men of today want quantity of women, not quality. That the world is so disposable, there is no need for commitment as there’s always another girl waiting for her right swipe. Not me. I am hopeful for my man with the same intentions and big heart that I have. 

So I’ve decided I am going to do several posts of my future husband requirements, (then, to find him) 

Here is the first…


1 honest, caring, family orientated GROWN UP male. (If you have a Lego/toy collection, give silent treatment, throw tantrums, lie or are still figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, please do not respond) 

This said GROWN UP male, will have no commitment, mummy or mental issues.

He will be ready for adult activities, including, weekends away, restaurant dinners, glasses of wine, day trips to different locations, and adventuring around our beautiful country. (Pizza doesn’t count as a date) 

This special GROWN UP male will NOT ride motorbikes, or participate in illegal activities

Since he is a GROWN UP, he will work hard in his career, but be balanced with his downtime. Has set goals for his life and has already achieved some.

This GROWN UP male will not lie and pretend to be someone he is not

He wants to have children and be a hands on full time parent

This GROWN UP male will be kind, loving, funny, calm and caring. He will have a huge heart that loves his family, be centered, fun and stable.

This GROWN UP male will be man enough to realize mine and his own value. He Will prioritise his time, put the same level of effort into me as I do him, and be proud to have an amazing, strong, hardworking and sarcastic woman on his arm. 

If you have made it to the end of this profile, tick all these boxes,and realise the satire in some of my requests you must be amazing and I can’t wait to hear from you. You will be rewarded with a coffee, a chat and a hope of a happily ever after.

I’m looking for a serious contender in this game of love.

Lessons for my daughter

It was with a heavy heart today that I watched my beautiful baby embark on her first day of high school. As I watched her nervously hold her besties hand into school, I burst into tears. So many emotions controlling my mind, body and heart. I’m so proud of the sassy, amazing young woman she’s become. Proud of how maturely she handles herself in difficult, stressful situations life throws our way, proud of the gorgeous friendship she’s made with another fantastic girl.
I’m left thinking though, have I prepared you enough for this journey of the rest of your life.

You’re going to realise quickly not all humans have the same hearts as others. Some people are just plain nasty. I’ve taught you to avoid toxic energy- but will you see and realise that in a group of your peers.

I’m hoping I haven’t focused too much on looking for the good in people, that you trust the wrong ones, and gets yourself in trouble. There are so many people in this world that will try to bring you down. Try to bully, manipulate or degrade you – they have the issue not you.

I stress about the day you want me to meet your first boyfriend. Have I taught you what you are worth, how to find a boy that respects you, is a gentleman and empowers you?

Have I taught you, your opinions are valid. They won’t always be right, but they are worthy of being included, listened to and validated by everyone.

I’m hoping I’ve given you enough strength to make safe decisions, to know that, no matter what situation you find yourself, you always have me on your side. I will always be there to rescue you (perhaps the odd consequence, but I’m here to protect and keep you safe above all)

Do you know how much I love and respect you? Regardless of the rules, the arguments, the silences, you are my favorite human and my complete world.

Have I taught you to believe in your own thoughts and feelings. Follow your gut, even if it means taking a different path from the crowd. Stand out, be unique and be as proud of you as I am.

Be yourself. Always. You are perfect and you are enough.

Have you ever?

Have you ever discovered your brother was killed in an accident, whilst driving on the same road? 

Have you ever had to ring every person in your families personal phone book, to deliver the devastating news to everyone of importance, so your parents could avoid reliving the horror over and over again?

Have you ever had to write your brothers name on a cross, place it on the side of the road, and drive past it numerous times a day? 

Have you ever pushed your emotions, your heartbreak, your devastation,down into a deep, dark hole to make sure everyone else was coping instead?

Have you ever had to read a eulogy for someone so young, so close to you, someone that should still be here celebrating life’s every up and down with you? 

Have you ever had to see your parents fall apart at the loss of their son, the immense grief, anger and shock, and wonder if it would’ve been easier on them had it been me instead? 

Have you ever had to pretend that you have it all together. To pretend you are in control, even when you need to fall to pieces, stay in bed and not deal with anyone or anything? 

Have you ever had to explain to your 3 year old toddler, that the uncle she idolised, will never again be there to tease and torment her. Never again make her laugh, give her copious amounts of sour worms, and never see her grow up? 

Have you ever wanted to scream, to punch something, to lose control because it feels like no one hears you, or can understand your pain? 

Have you ever smiled, reassured everyone you’re ok, even though you are completely void of any idea how you will survive this torture.

I have .

Me, myself and I 

I’m of a unique breed. I am wired differently to most. I feel everything to the extreme. Sadness to the deepest of depths. Joy to the highest of highs. And love… well love creates an absolute ridiculous intensity in me, words cannot even begin to portray. Love almost makes my life come to a complete halt. Everything, except it is put on hold. I love, love. My passion for this person flows so fiercely that I feel my heart is going to explode. I’m a dreamer, yet a realist, strength comes from my deep emotions. I have tears that flow for reasons no one would understand. I feel not only my own inner fears, but that of others, and I’m always on. It’s exhausting, yet exciting. The highs and lows in my life, and everyone’s around me create a whirlwind of never-ending energies that are hard to comprehend, yet they also settle me. I’ve never known a life that’s not complex. Every decision I make is based around emotion. Right, or wrong this is my search for my Bliss.

My blog is going to be made up of many facets of my life. Everything that has made me the way I am. Falling pregnant at 19, losing a brother, raising my daughter on my own, caring for an ill mother and trying to find my knight in shining armour and the many disasters along my life path.